What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spinal disorder traditionally defined as a sideways curvature (or curvatures) of the spine. Often, the curves appear S-shaped or C-shaped.


Who is affected?

Scoliosis affects between 6 and 9 million people—around two to three percent of the population—in the United States. Of those suffering from the disorder, children aged 10 to 15 are the largest age group, and girls are more often affected than boys. While it's common in this age and gender group, there is a growing population of adults who have scoliosis.

What causes scoliosis?

Most cases of scoliosis are without a known cause. Some cases, such as congenital scoliosis, do have a known cause. In congenital scoliosis, the curves are thought to be due to abnormally formed vertebrae, present at birth. With most cases- some small event happened years before the curve presents it's self to create imbalance in the pelvis or spinal structure. This could mean something as large as a sports injury or car accident to a seemingly insignificant fall on your tailbone. The spine then has to compensate for this imbalance which may lead to a curvature of the spine. 

What are the signs and symptoms?

Every case of scoliosis is different depending on the location and severity of the curvature. Sometimes- although not frequently- there may be pain involved. Due to the fact that your nervous system controls every function of your body and is housed by your spinal column, people diagnosed with scoliosis have a high reported instance of functional issues such as troubles breathing, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, PMS, and more. 

Some cases of scoliosis are visible to the naked eye. Here are some things to look for:

  • Uneven shoulders or a shoulder blade that protrudes farther than the other when standing

  • A rib hump (rib prominence) or a lower back hump (lumbar prominence) when bending forward

  • One hip may appear higher than the other

How can chiropractic help?

By correcting subluxation and ensuring the nervous system is functioning properlywe can improve quality of life and prevent most cases from progressing. 

Because every case is so different, a thorough examination must be done to determine what results can be realistically achieved.

With our state of the art chiropractic postural x-ray suite, we can determine the state of your spine.

Our Gonstead technique, uniquely equips us to help you.

More importantly with our Insight technology, we can determine the state of your nervous system and the stress that resides in it.

At Concise Chiropractic, we have a lot of experience with scoliosis and complete a detailed analysis to give you answers and hope. Reach out now to book and appointment to find out more.