Kids and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is an essential part of your child’s overall wellness. In the United States, more than 17 percent of all chiropractic patients are under the age of 18, according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Of that 17 percent, nearly 8 percent are five years or younger. While it may seem that children do not need chiropractic at a young age, starting them with preventative care early on in life will set them up for a lifetime of health and well-being.

Your Child’s Nervous System

The nervous system, which consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves, controls everything in the body, including growth and development. Subluxations, also known as misalignments, in the spine can prevent proper communication from the brain to the body. These subluxations cause stress to the nervous system, which can lead to a decrease in function of the affected area.

Infants, children and adults can all experience subluxations in the spine. Infants and children can become subluxated from birth trauma, other minor or major traumas and developmental stress. During the first five years of life, the body produces more neural pathways than at any other time- 65% of a child's nervous system is developed in their first year alone! It is vital this production is optimized through children’s chiropractic care, as the first few years are crucial to each child’s potential. 

Even if your child is in excellent health, minor traumas from bumps, bruises, falls and spills accumulate over time and can result in pain, discomfort and/or health issues in their teen and adult years.

The Adjustment

The Adjustment

Specific chiropractic adjustments are safe for patients of all ages, including newborns. After an assessment of your child’s spine, a gentle adjustment is given- equal to the amount of pressure it take to check the ripeness of a tomato! This adjustment serves to remove the subluxation, allowing your child's nervous system to function the way it is supposed to.

Commonly Seen Improvements

Over the years, studies have shown the benefits of kids and chiropractic reporting significant or unexpected improvements in:

  • Sleep

  • Behavior, Focus, and Attitude

  • Immune System Function

Additional symptoms and conditions patients have reported improvement on include ADD/ADHD, colic, torticollis, ear infections, bed-wetting, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, seizures and more.

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Dr. Brady and Dr. Amanda are trained by the ICPA in gentle and safe techniques for children. Book a neurological assessment today to see if chiropractic can help your child.