Who is affected? 

Bedwetting, otherwise known as enuresis, can have many causes. Since babies and toddlers potty-train at different rates, bedwetting even up to the age of 7 isn't a concern. Before 54 months of age, 30% of kids continue to wet the bed. Studies show that by 65 months, that number drops to 9.5 %. 

What are the signs and symptoms?

- if your child still wets the bed after the age of 7

-your child starts to wet the bed after a few months or more of being dry at night 

-consult a doctor if bedwetting is accompanied by painful urination, unusual thirst, hard stools, or pink urine. 

The Medical Approach 

Moisture alarms- Small devices can be connected to a small pad in your child's pajamas. When the pad gets wet, the alarm goes off to alert the child to wake up and go to the bathroom. 

Desmopressin- This drug boosts levels of anti-diuretic hormone and forces the body to make less urine. A very serious problem with this method is that over-hydration without the ability to urinate can cause low sodium levels and seizures. 

The Non-Medical Approach 

The non-medical approach to treating bedwetting includes the following:

- limiting how much your child drinks in the evening 

- avoiding foods/drinks with caffeine

- encouraging double voiding before bed


 The Chiropractic Approach 

Chiropractic adjustments to the sacrum and corresponding sacral nerves have been shown to decrease the frequency of wet nights in bedwetting studies. There are nerve centers in the brain, as well as in the sacrum that control the muscles of the bladder used for proper urination. Adjusting these nerve centers is how chiropractic can help decrease frequency of wet mornings. 

Prove it

In a study performed by Reed, WR, 46 patients between ages of 5 and 13 were split up into two groups. One group received chiropractic adjustments and the other group received fake adjustments. The group receiving chiropractic care had a significant decrease in wet nights, whereas there was practically no difference in the group having received the fake adjustment.


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