Dr. Brady Johnson

Dr. Brady Johnson grew up in Tucson, AZ, and Denver, CO where he was very active in his youth. He was lucky enough to be served by a chiropractor who kept his body functioning properly as well as healthy. This allowed Dr. Brady to eventually become a collegiate athlete at Brigham Young University. During his time at BYU, the chiropractor that had touched Dr. Brady’s life so deeply passed away.  Over the next few weeks of mourning and attending the funeral service, Dr. Brady was enlightened to the fact that this chiropractor had touched the lives of hundreds within his community. The community was enriched with the charity and health provided from this doctor and this greatly inspired Dr. Brady to follow in his footsteps: to provide people with the opportunity to live an abundant life. Before attending chiropractic school, Dr. Brady fueled his love for people by serving a two year church mission in Oakland, California where he improved people's lives by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the community.


Dr. Brady graduated from BYU with a bachelors in Exercise Science and from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. While at Logan, Dr. Brady was the fourth student ever to pass the Gonstead certification course offered at Logan University, he also invested 100+ hours outside of school attending Gonstead seminars so he could perfect his adjusting technique to better serve the people in his community. Before graduating, he had the opportunity to serve the largest chiropractic practice in Northern, OH where he was able to serve hundreds of families on their road to a healthy life. Dr. Brady is so excited to serve the Greater Denver area with concise, neurological chiropractic care. He is on a mission to ease others’ burdens and give families the abundant lives they deserve.

Dr. Amanda Johnson

Dr. Amanda was born and raised in a small suburb of Saint Louis, MO where she dreamed of dedicating her life to expecting mothers and infants as an obstetric surgeon. It wasn’t until after enrolling in pre-medical school that her life was touched by chiropractic and she found a much better way to serve expecting mothers and infants. Dr. Amanda suffered as a child from severe migraine headaches, frequent illness, and scoliosis. After experiencing a whiplash injury, she was introduced to a chiropractor that would eventually alter the course of her life. Dr. Amanda was educated by her chiropractor about her body and the connection between her scoliosis, migraines, and frequent illness. After being under care for a short time, she noticed a dramatic change in her overall health and made the easy decision to spread the wealth of this knowledge by becoming a chiropractor.


Dr. Amanda graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri with both a bachelors in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic. Before graduating she had the privilege to work and learn from one of the most successful and fastest growing chiropractic offices in Golden, CO. Dr. Amanda is very passionate about serving expectant mothers and their infants with specific, neurological chiropractic care- giving mothers and their families freedom and the peace of mind that their bodies are functioning the way God intended.

Dr. Amanda is a member of the ICPA and certified in Webster Technique.



Sweet baby Noah is Dr. Brady and Dr. Amanda's sweet baby boy! He was born in July of 2019 and spends a lot of his days in the office with mom and dad! Noah was adjusted on his very first day of life and loves chiropractic care! Concise is truly a family practice- we would love to meet your little ones, too!

Dr. Brady and Dr. Amanda met in chiropractic school and shared a passion of helping others. They married shortly after graduating and moved to the Greater Denver Area with their dog-Shamus! When Drs. Brady and Amanda aren't in the office or in their community, they are greatly involved with their church or you can find them spending time with Shamus. Shamus is a rescue dog who loves to play (frisbees and tennis balls are his specialty!)  and greatly enjoys spending time with other dogs and people! Bring your pup to your next visit into the office to say hi!


Drs. Brady and Amanda Johnson , Shamus


Tessa is a Colorado Native! She spent the last two years of her professional life as a nanny to triplets. She LOVES children and is a wonderful multitasker! In Tessa's spare time she loves to paint. Her favorite thing to paint is nature (Bob Ross anyone?). Tessa has a genuine care for those around her. She loves working at Concise becuase it fulfills her passion for connecting and helping others. We love her becuase she can make friends and talk to anyone! She is a wonderful person to be around and cannot wait to meet you!


Jesse grew up outside of Dallas, Texas. He was brought to Colorado by his love of the outdoors and hiking. Jesse loves animals. He has a dog named Bartleby and has spent a lot of time volunteering at local dog shelters. Jesse was brought to Concise by his love of helping others. He has a passion for learning the stories of everyone in our office! We love Jesse because he is very thorough and trustworthy. He is an amazing asset to the community and cannot wait to be apart of your healthcare team!



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