Every year, 500,000 children have surgical tubes placed in their ears for ‪‎ear infections, and 98% still get reoccurring infections thereafter. However, according to a study on over 400 children with chronic ear infections, 80% showed no recurrence after undergoing regular ‪‎chiropractic care for six months. This is due to the improvement of fluid drainage from the inner ear.

The fluid in a child’s ears does not drain as easy as it does in an adult’s because children’s eustachian tubes are more horizontal than vertical. Due to this anatomical difference, fluid may accumulate and remain in children’s Eustachian tubes for longer periods, allowing viruses or bacteria to proliferate, leading to infection. These infections are most often treated with antibiotics, which kill not only pathogenic bacteria but also the healthy tissue cells. If the ear infection is caused by a virus, then the child is taking unnecessary antibiotics, which have no effect against viruses. Statistics now indicate that repeated or inadequate use of antibiotics contributes to future infections by creating drug-resistant strains. If a child continues to get ear infections, he/she may be placed under general anesthesia to have drainage tubes surgically implanted.

The chiropractic treatment for ear infections addresses the top vertebrae in the neck, including the atlas, which is in intimate contact with the Eustachian tubes. If this bone is slightly out of place, it may put pressure on the tube resulting in a smaller drainage aperture. The longer the fluid remains in the tube, the more likely it is to get infected. Chiropractic adjustments to the atlas are a natural way to reduce blockage, improve fluid drainage, and reduce the risk of infection. For parents whose children suffer from chronic ear infections, this option is safer, more affordable, and less invasive. And did you know the pressure it takes to adjust an infant is similar to the pressure it takes to check the ripeness of a tomato?

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